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A range of ground-breaking lighting products based on cutting-edge scientific research on the dramatic effects of light on the body and mind, has been launched in Sri Lanka by Thef:;llstop, the country’s only specialist in fine stationery and office products from leading global brands.

Scientifically proven to disseminate biologically-effective light that is closest to natural light, the products are from LUCTRA®, the multi award-winning German brand that specialises in human-centric lighting that balances the user’s body clock and natural circadian rhythm.

Recently appointed sole distributor in Sri Lanka for LUCTRA, Thef:;llstop said it will initially offer three models of lamps, two table lamps and a floor lamp.

Elaborating on the science behind these lamps, a spokesperson for the company said: “Workplaces have changed dramatically in the last decade, taking into consideration that constant connectivity, over-stimulated senses and frequent travelling generate physical and mental stress leading to fatigue, mood swings, unexplained weight gain, insomnia and similar conditions.”

“Research has established that light can regularise our internal clock to improve productivity and wellbeing by helping produce hormones like the sleep hormone Melatonin, which aids relaxation and sleep. A growing body of research is examining the adverse health effects of a disrupted circadian rhythm or internal body clock. Acknowledging the importance of this field, three researchers who studied the molecular mechanisms controlling circadian rhythm were awarded the 2017 Nobel Prize for physiology and medicine.”

The latest findings on the impacts of light on wellbeing have inspired the LUCTRA lamps. Built with a combination of high grade stainless steel and aluminium, the LUCTRA ‘TABLE’ and ‘TABLE PRO’ lamps come in black, white and aluminum colours. Four LEDs inside the lamp heads generate a combination of warm white and cold white light which supports a well-balanced personal day-and-night rhythm. The self-locking joints on these lamps do not require any locking screws or complicated mechanisms. These lamps bring light into any desired position without jerks while standing firm, and withstand up to 50,000 hinge movements without readjustment. Both lamps can be adjusted in height: the TABLE model is designed to have an ideal height of 60cm, and the TABLE PRO, LUCTRA’s premium table lamp, can be adjusted in height up to 75cm.

Besides consuming very little power, the LEDs in the lamps have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, the equivalent of about 17 years at eight hours of use per day.

The LUCTRA Floor lamp is a standing lamp with a maximum height of 190cm. It can be used for direct and indirect lighting, and is available in two striking designs.

The light generated by both the TABLE PRO and the FLOOR lamp can be adjusted intuitively to suit individual needs. A downloadable app called VITACORE, make both lamp models fully flexible lighting options. On the basis of five simple questions about the user’s daily working habits, the app calculates the user’s personal light curve, which is transmitted to the lamp via Bluetooth. The intensity and colour of the light are then regulated automatically as the day progresses.

The brightness and colour of the light are also adjustable by simply placing a finger on the lamps’ touch panels powered by the intelligent VITACORE electronics. This sleek and unobtrusive interface only becomes visible when touched.

Described as “the brand for good working light in the office or at home,” LUCTRA says its goal is to provide every user with the best possible light anywhere at any time. The lamps provide light which not only illuminates, but promotes alertness, higher activity levels and restful sleep for its users. All LUCTRA lamps are developed and assembled manually in Germany.

The leading distributor of branded stationery and office products in Sri Lanka, Thef:;llstop serves as a platform to launch new products and improve the image of the brands it represents. The company said it hopes to offer more products that help improve wellbeing and combat the negative consequences of the stressful nature of modern office work.

Many of the products Thef:;llstop represents are retailed via leading supermarkets, stationers and bookshops while others are exclusive to the company’s showroom at Crescat. The company’s brand portfolio includes Esselte of Sweden, Leitz of Germany, Maped of France, Maruman of Japan, Daycraft of Hong Kong, Plus of Japan, Derwent of the UK, Kensington of the USA and now LUCTRA of Germany.

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