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Named after the Greek goddess of memory, Maruman’s line of Mnemosyne products combines sophisticated style with high-quality paper to create the perfect notebooks and notepads for professionals, students, and artists. Firmly bound on top with glue & staple, pages won’t fall apart when it’s carried around. Matte black front cover is scored to fold neatly back, and extra rigid back hard cover provides additional support wherever you are.

Pages have very fine perforation lines for clean and easy detach. You can file it with other documents or discard the page when it’s no longer important. It’s also useful when you want to compare ideas. Just jot down your ideas on each page, detach the pages, and compare the ideas side by side. You can also scan and digitize your handwritten materials. Made in Japan.

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This product features:

  •  70 micro-perforated sheets
  • staple-bound on top
  • “Title” and “Date/No.” spaces at the top of each page
  • Acid-free pages
  • Minimal ghosting and bleed-through
  • Premium quality, 80g/m2 acid free, made in Japan


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