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Artist medallion series uses the highest quality Japanese domestic drawing paper. “Artist Medallion” series has been used by a wide range of people, from school education to hobby sketching. Using the highest quality thick drawing paper in Japan, it can be used for a wide range of purposes, from colored pencils and crayons to watercolors.

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This product features:

  • Size: F1 W236xH166mm
  • Binding: Spiral
  • Cover material: paper walnut
  • Number of sheets: 20 sheets
  • Paper: 204.8g/m2, drawing paper extra thick mouth
  • The surface of the drawing paper has just the right amount of unevenness (grains), so it is possible to bring out the expressive effect of drawing
  • Suitable for a wide range of painting materials such as watercolors, pencils, crayons, markers, charcoal and pastels.
  • The color of the drawing paper is natural white. Since it is neutral paper, there is little discoloration of the paper and it is excellent in preserving the work.
  • The extra-thick paper is less likely to be affected by moisture absorption, making it ideal for those who want to start watercolor painting in the future
  • Spiral binding is strong and lays completely flat when opened. The coil loop method is a process in which both ends of the wire are rounded to eliminate sharp points. It features a safety design that dramatically reduces the possibility of injury from wire ends.


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