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This set includes everything you need for drawing, Perfect for INKTOBER! Enjoy the selction of the best markers and brush pens from Kuretake. Contains: Kuretake FUDE Brush Pen NIHON-DATE KABURA (No.55)/ ZIG MANGAKA Flexible/ Kuretake FUDE Brush Pen(No.32)/ ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush Pen Grey Color/ ZIG WINK OF STELLA Gl.

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This product features: 

  • Dual Tip Brush Pen NIHON-DATE KABURA No. 55 (DF150-55B): Large, flexible brush tip and fine, hard tip in one pen! Brush tip can create dynamic strokes; fine tip gives consistent mono-lines. Water-based dye ink
  • ZIG MANGAKA FLEXIBLE: You can choose the tip to create the ideal line width, depending on the application. MANGAKA FLEXIBLE can draw strong, bold lines, or delicate, thin lines. Water-based pigment ink
  • Kuretake FUDE Brush Pen(No.32): Water-based pigment ink is water-resistant after drying completely and doesn’t smudge when used with alcohol markers, or watercolor.
  • ZIG CLEAN COLOR Real Brush is a brush-type watercolor pen, so it can be used in a wide range of applications such as illustration, design, lettering, and Manga. Because it is a water-based dye ink, you can blur it with water or mix it with other real brush colors or a blender.
  • ZIG WINK OF STELLA Gl. Clear: Unique brush marker with water-based pigment ink that is safe, odorless, and great for papercrafting and stamping. Ink is mixed beautifully with fine glitters so you can easily add shimmers to your various artworks with this great marker from Kuretake.


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