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The perfect addition to any drawing or lettering artist’s collection, this Speedball Drawing and Lettering Storage Set offers
the ideal pairing of nibs and penholders. Perfect for calligraphy, card making, and letter writing, this all encompassing kit
includes 6 broad edge nibs, 6 pointed pen nibs, and 3 penholders- 1 standard, 1 oblique, and 1 crowquill. Keep your nibs
and penholders safe and organized in the hard, plastic. This set fits nicely in a desk drawer, art box or backpack.

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This product features:

  • 6 broad edge nibs
  • 6 pointed pen nibs,
  • 3 penholders- 1 standard, 1 oblique, and 1 crowquill
  • Housed in stylish, functional clear plastic containers, Speedball Calligraphy Storage Sets are the only lettering sets paired with a handy storage box
  • These sets includes tools for drawing, lettering, or calligraphy, and a portable plastic storage box that keeps your tools organized and exactly where you need them.
  • A great starter kit for all kinds of lettering!


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