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Iroshizuku is a line of luxurious inks created by Pilot. Inspired by nature, the Iroshizuku ink offers 24 captivating colors
drawn from across the seasons and landscapes of Japan. The name Iroshizuku means “droplets of color”, and each
color is so clean and natural that you can almost imagine it being collected like dewdrops from tree leaves or cherry
blossoms. Each bottle is a beautifully crafted glass container designed with an innovative dip at the bottom to ensure
the savory enjoyment of every last drop.

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This product features:

  • 50 ml bottled ink is made from hand blown glass
  • Angled etched bottle bottom allows pen to use virtually every drop of ink
  • Created using the highest standards and variations of color
  • The glass bottle is presented in a smart silver gift box
  • The graceful oval bottle has a cord tied around the neck and bears a simple, elegant label in the hue of the ink

Ama-Iro – "Sky" – light aqua, Ina-ho – "Rice Ear" – Light brown


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