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Bring the elegance of Asian calligraphy to your artwork and writing. This high-quality,
smooth-writing brush pen from Pentel lets the artist vary line widths from thick to thin,
achieving many beautiful effects. The ink is waterproof once fully dry, and is safe for use with watercolors.

The Pentel Pocket is an incredible brush pen for art. Its responsive bristle tip can make wonderfully expressive lines in the hands of an experienced artist. It delivers thick strokes and fine details with subtle changes in pressure, and can even produce beautiful brush effects. Its rich ink—available in black —is waterproof, Copic-proof, and lightfast.

The pen refills conveniently with cartridges, and four black ink cartridges are included.

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This product features:

  •  Portable, neat and easy-to-use versus traditional paint and brushes: Ideal for painting on Location
  •  Permanent pigment ink is both fade- and water-resistant
  •  Durable, Premium bristles help create fine to broad lines in a single Brush stroke
    Refill cartridges make for an easy, no mess ink replacement
  •  Leakproof fittings and measured ink-flow guard are perfect for the mobile artist
  •  Compact size and cap with pocket clip make the pen portable
    Four black ink cartridges are included


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