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With Maped Creativ My First Finger Paint kit, your baby will make their first works of art! A fun, creative activity for children from 2 years old, the child uses finger paint to paint on the inside of the included cards. When the card is closed, the design is revealed thanks to the stencil system which can then be decorated with stickers. 4 different themes are present in the box: the sea, music, flowers and the cosmos. Once the activity is over, the items are easily stored in the small case.

Maped Creativ offers a collection of innovative, ultra-fun and stimulating activity kits for children of all ages! All kits are designed to be made with their own hands with minimal adult assistance to produce unique creations to play with and display. Discover the range now!

This product features:

  • FUN FINGER PAINTING: Creative activity for children aged 2 and up.
  • STENCIL REVEAL: Cards reveal designs when closed using the stencil system.
  • DIVERSE THEMES: Includes 4 themes – sea, music, flowers, and cosmos.
  • EASY STORAGE: Items can be stored in the reusable box.
  • REUSABLE BOX CONTAINS: 3 75ml tubes of paint suitable for children (blue, yellow, red), 4 activity cards, 2 sheets of stickers and 1 painting mat.
  • FOR OPTIMAL RESULTS: wash up paint as soon as possible to avoid chance of staining.



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