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For those who like a minimalistic approach to their work space, LUCTRA® floor lamps can offer the ideal solution. Offering the same premium LED technology and individial light setting functions, LUCTRA® floor lamps provide direct and indirect lighting to ensure all users get the right biologically effective light.

The FLOOR LINEAR/RADIAL lamp illuminates every workplace from a maximum height of 1.90 metres with the same, perfectly even light as all other LUCTRA® models. Thanks to high quality LEDs and the VITACORE® electronic system, the biological effectiveness of the light is combined with an easy operation.

LUCTRA integrates ultra-modern technology with easy-to-use functionality.

A combination of light and stylish design is integral to the LUCTRA® range. TABLE PRO RADIAL is the alternative round-head design
to the geometric design of the LINEAR models. Premium craftsmanship, state-of-the-art technology and the beneficial effect of light makes this model a must-have for all desks.

All LUCTRA models are manufactured and hand-assembled at the DURABLE production centre in Kamen-Methler, Germany.

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This product features:

  • Human Centric Lighting: 4 LEDs inside the lamp head are able to generate both warm white and cold white light
  • TABLE PRO offers adjustment of colour temperature to personal daily rhythm with VITACORE® app
  • With its height of just 110cm, LUCTRA FLOOR takes limited space into consideration.
  • Self-locking joints have been specially developed for LUCTRA, which do not require any locking screws or complicated mechanisms.
  • Two integrated USB connections allow you to charge smart phones and tablets directly from the lamp.
  • Materials: aluminium, zinc, steel (lamp base), acrylic & glass
  • LEDs: 2 cold white & 2 warm white LEDs (CREE)
  • Power consumption: 9.5 W
  • Light intensity: 1,000 lux at a height of 110cm
  • Colour temperature (CCT): 2,700 K / 3,600 K / 6,500 K

Aluminium, Black, White


Radial, Linear